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Customer Reviews


Thank you for this product – the fact that lutein is combined with fish oil in Visionace Plus is a master stroke!
Ms H.B. Lecturer in Optometry, Aston, Birmingham
Date 16/04/2008

Visionace has all the elements demonstrated to be of benefit for eye health, thank you
Mr S D. Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Date: 20/02/2007

I’m a natural cynic so I don’t know what I was expecting when I purchased Visionace in June! My eyesight felt worse when I was tired. After taking Visionace for a month, I turned around to my wife and said “look at the colours in the garden-they’re really vivid!”. My wife looked at me as though I’d been drinking! But the colours seemed really ‘rich’ in a way I’d not noticed before. Also, my night sight was struggling me- all the colours fused into a fog (without specs). I’ve now noticed that detail is better at night. I can see individual house bricks from a distance, whereas before it was just a wall. From a cosmetic perspective, I’ve never had such healthy looking ‘whites’ of my eyes. I’m a hardened cynic believe me, but your product works!!!
Mr M R , ' United Kingdom
Date :04/08/2005

Recently visiting the UK I took these tablets that I had never heard of before - they were wonderful. Am ordering some from down under!
Miss K M , Melbourne Australia
Date :24/09/2004

Certain nutrients are essential for eye health such as zinc and vitamin C. I am pleased there is a supplement specifically aimed at protecting ocular health and always tell others about this product. The formula safeguards nutrient intake and can help with eye moisture.
Mr D C-B. Optometrist and Contact Lens Practitioner, Marlow Buckinghamshire
Date: 18/12/1997

I recognise that the first step to overall good health is a balanced diet. It is sometimes difficult getting the right levels of antioxidant nutrients for eye health so I take Visionace as a daily safeguard. I think the formula is great as it contains all the important vitamins and minerals for eye health
Mr J.W. Optometrist, Argyll, Scotland

Antioxidant vitamins are important in maintaining the health of the retina and lens. Minerals such as zinc and selenium are also important for eye health. The Visionace formula has a good combination of ingredients which you would expect to maintain eye health as you age. The supplement has been investigated in published research and shown to be of benefit to eye moisture and contact lens users, so I regularly recommend it to others.
Mr S.P. Former Head of Optometry, Glasgow