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Visionace® is a comprehensive, research based nutritional supplement designed to help maintain healthy eyes and vision. The research tested formula contains balanced levels of antioxidant vitamins, bilberry extract, natural carotenoids, and minerals such as selenium and zinc, plus Lutemax® lutein esters, which are all vital for the health of the eye.

Visionace® Plus dual pack combines the original Visionace tablet formula with an additional Omega-3 capsule to help protect and maintain retinal and macula health . Omega-3 fatty acids also play an important role in the structure and function of photoreceptors (rods and cones).
Recommended & approved
by leading UK optometrists
" Visionace® has been found to support conjunctival health providing ideal antioxidants and other specialist nutrients for the long-term protection of the lens and retina. Tests show the formula may help to maintain healthy eyes and normal eye moisture. Visionace® Plus contains the added benefit of Omega-3 and extra lutein for a holistic approach to maintaining ocular health."

Professor Sudi Patel, PhD, FCOptom FAAO
Former Head of Optometry, City Hospital, Birmingham.
Former Senior Lecturer in Optometry, Glasgow Caledonian University.