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Tricologic - the science behind a great looking head of hair.

Helping to maintain healthy hair growth and hair follicles
The changes which occur as we age, as well as an inadequate diet, stress, hair styling and lifestyle, can all have an impact on hair growth and the condition of our hair.

Recognising the concerns many men have about hair growth and hair condition, Wellman Tricologic® has been developed by leading scientists. Each specialist formula tablet provides 29 bio-active ingredients including essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to nourish hair by maintaining healthy hair follicle metabolism. Tricologic®  includes the exclusive KeratoneTM Amino-lignan complex to help maintain existing hair growth.

Nutrition and your hair
The hair follicle is a highly active "factory". It has demanding metabolic requirements for oxygen, energy and specific nutrients which facilitate protein synthesis for hair growth and the production of scalp oils. This requirement for essential nutrients must be met to maintain healthy hair growth and the condition of the hair and scalp. Hair follicle metabolism is also influenced by the bodies hormone balance including testosterone. Specific nutrients exist which can influence this balance and thereby influence hair follicle metabolism.

The specialist nutrients in Tricologic
Tricologic® contains KeratoneTM, an exclusive proprietary amino-lignan complex consisting of amino acids essential in protein/keratin synthesis, powerful antioxidants and plant derived lignans which can help to maintain existing hair growth in men of all ages.

Tricologic® also provides other important nutrients involved in maintaining healthy hair growth and its

  Wellman Tricologic® is produced under license Vitabiotics Switzerland AG