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Nutritional help for the monthly cycle
Premence® is a finely tuned combination of 14 essential nutrients, scientifically developed to help safeguard the dietary requirements of menstruating women. Research shows that optimal levels of certain nutrients before menstruation and during the monthly cycle may help women maintain their balance throughout the month. Unfortunately, the diet of many women may be inadequate.

More comprehensive support than evening primrose oil
Evening primrose oil may be the most commonly sought 'treatment' for premenstrual breast tenderness, but research indicates nutritional supplements such as Premence® may be more beneficial in helping with other aspects of premenstrual health. Magnesium and B vitamins are known to be important, and various vitamins and minerals are used in the production of hormone-like compounds and neurotransmitters like serotonin. Levels of certain minerals may also be lowered in women with PMS.

B vitamins for psychological health
Blood levels of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and magnesium may cycle throughout the month, with lower levels in the final phase of the menstrual cycle. This is important because B vitamins are essential to the maintenance of the nervous system, the internal 'message service' which transmits information around the body and to the brain. Optimal levels of B vitamins have been associated with feelings of general well-being and clear-headedness in placebo-controlled studies. A recent review of nine randomised, placebo controlled trials on the effectiveness of vitamin B6 in premenstrual health also found more than twice the number of women found benefit with vitamin B6 compared to placebo.

Minerals and cycling oestrogen
The female hormone oestrogen may also influence the metabolism of magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. Magnesium levels may be lowered in some women before their period, significantly influencing the ratio of calcium to magnesium in the body. This may affect synaptic transmission in the nervous system, and other factors, which are capable of producing changes similar to those, experienced by many women the week before their period.

Blood forming nutrients
Iron, B vitamins and folic acid are all important to the formation of red blood cells, to replace the blood lost through menstruation. Many women may have reduced iron stores during their menstrual lifetime as a result of the iron lost through monthly bleeds.

Nutrition and stress
Many women may feel stressed in the week before their period, which may have important nutritional implications. Adrenalin, released during stress, is complexed with vitamin C, and research shows vitamin C levels may be lowered by 20 - 30% following exposure to stress. Adrenaline also increases excretion of magnesium, eventually depleting body stores. Premence® includes these nutrients to help a woman's body cope with stress in the premenstrual period and throughout the month.